BONE-shaker MARROW-thon
At the time of his wife’s leukaemia diagnosis, Stephen Sinfield was the editor of the Ashbourne News Telegraph and a features writer with the Burton Mail. His work saw him review endless new cars for the motoring section while testing and reviewing every new gadget, tool and kitchen appliance on the market. A desire to learn to ride a motorcycle had seen him document every step of the process with the help of Shires Motorcycle Training in Derby while advanced driving courses were carried out with the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Reviews of new cars continued but now they ran alongside reviews of motorcycles and scooters and features on many elements of riding including off-road training, bike security and time trials in rush-hour traffic between bikes and cars. When Katherine was diagnosed with leukaemia, this work came to an end and Stephen took 11 months off work. It was during Katherine’s extensive stay in hospital that plans for the BONE-shaker MARROW-thon were developed with many of Stephen’s press contacts helping to promote and support the ride – and they still continue to do so today. The press office at Suzuki, Harley-Davidson and Mazda are just some of those who have helped past rides. Since Katherine’s diagnosis, Stephen has put his journalism skills to use helping to promote the couple’s many charity campaigns. As a result, Stephen and Katherine were named “regional journalist of the year” in the Anthony Nolan awards at the Houses of Parliament. Stephen continues to work at the Burton Mail.