BONE-shaker MARROW-thon

Ride Rules:

All participants should familiarise themselves with these rules and obligations before taking part in the BONE-shaker MARROW-thon charity ride:
All participants must hold a valid driving licence. Parts of the BONE-shaker MARROW-thon ride uses the motorway. If you do not hold a full category A bike licence, please check for the alternative learner-friendly starting point (usually Bassetts Pole). All vehicles must carry road tax. All vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition and (if over three years old) have a valid MOT test certificate. All participants must be insured against third party damage An approved helmet must be worn. We recommend the use of full protective clothing - gloves, boots, jacket, trousers etc - (all CE approved) Riders must not perform wheelies, burnouts or stunts. No overtaking rules apply. Do not over or under-take the ride in front. The speed will not go over 60 mph on motorways and 30/40 mph on A-Roads. Riders must follow instructions given by the police, ride organisers, marshals or safety stewards. Riders must ride in a legal and safe manner - abiding all rules and regulations (no red-light jumping). Do not take risks or guess - ask your questions now. Email: Please start the ride with: A full tank of petrol (bike legal and road-worthy. Tyres, oil, horn, lights - checked?) Adequate weather protection. Recovery in case of emergency. It is your responsibility - we do not offer a breakdown recovery service. In the event of an accident on the road, if it is near to you, assist where possible. Call the emergency services for assistance. Disclaimer: The BONE-shaker MARROW-thon (and its organisers Katherine and Stephen Sinfield)  accept no legal liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage incurred while attending the ride. You must ensure both the safety of yourselves, the general public and event attendees. By participating in the BONE-shaker MARROW-thon you agree to these conditions.